Nerdy Decor Must-Haves

Top 10 Nerdy Decor Must-Haves

January 12, 2017Chic, Geek, Lifestyle, , Standard

Hey guys, gals and geeky pals! Looking for the perfect housewarming gift for the geek in your life? Maybe your own bedroom, apartment, or nerd cave could use some new pieces? I’ve collected my 10 must-have items from across the web to fulfill all your nerdy decor needs, because we can’t have a nerdy life without a nerdy living space, right? Keep reading to find out more!

Top 10 Nerdy Decor Must-Haves

Nerdy Decor Must Haves |

 1. FreezerBoy (TM) Dry-Erase Refrigerator Magnet Set $19.99 CA

Top 10 Nerdy Decor Must Haves

Add a little nerdy fun to the boring concept of a memo board with this Freezerboy Magnet Set! With these magnets you can also turn your dishwasher, dryer or even washing machine into a fun memo board! It seems like this could almost make ‘adulting’ fun… almost.

2. Super Mario Bros. Mushroom & Pipe Salt & Pepper Shakers $19.99 CATop 10 Nerdy Decor Must Haves

Keeping with the Nintendo theme, these salt & pepper shakers will add some spice to your cooking! Although I’m not sure if those mushrooms are safe to eat? Something about red caps seems… dangerous.


3. Circuit Board Computer Clock – $86 CARecycled Computer Clock - Circuit Board Clock - Modern Clock - Geek Decor - Geekery - Tech Gift - Motherboard Clock

You’ve probably struggled with what to do with old, broken or just out of date tech at some point. Tread And Pedals on Etsy have figured out one solution! This super cool circuit board clock is a chic nerdy statement piece, while keeping the environment in mind. Win-win if you ask me.


4. Planetary String Lights – $19.99 CA

Exclusive Planetary String Lights Additional Image

Tired of those boring fairy lights everyone seems to need to have in their bedroom? You’d probably rather geek it up with these awesome planetary lights!


5. Geek House Quote – $31 CA

Okay, so this one might be a liiiitle cheesy, but I love how this embodies so many fandoms and forms of geekery! It’s also perfect to spruce up a bare wall or room without having to paint!


6. Floppy Disk Drink Coasters – $22.99 CA

Another super cool product, these retro floppy disk coasters are the perfect accent to geekify your living room! Fun and functional, while still being eco-friedndly and dishwasher safe, these are a perfect gift idea too!

7. Pokeball Serving Set – $29 CA

When you’re finally tired out from running around the town hunting ‘mons in Pokemon Go, relax and have a snack! This Pokeball serving set is perfect for home use or even nerdy themed parties!

8. Nerdy Scented Candles – $31/set or $12/each CA

Lord of the Rings Candle Set 4 oz - Holiday Gift - Geek Gift - Christmas Geek

When it seems like your day job is as difficult as travelling to Mordor, unwind with these nerdy themed scented candles!  Geeknest on Etsy has delicious scents to correspond with lot of fandoms! In addition to the scents pictured above I would recommend “Butterbeer”, “Belle’s Library” or “Winter Soldier”!

9. Pac Man Heat Changing Mug – $20.99 CA

Add a little retro to your morning with this Pac Man heat changing mug! Super functional while also serving as great countertop decor, this mug will get you ready to crush whatever ghosts the day brings your way!

10. Science Geek Oven Mitt – $20 CA

Science Geek Oven Mitt

Protect your hands from whatever cooking experiments… or science experiments you come across! Whether you’re an actual scientist or your culinary creations just border on the chemically dangerous, Trinnyella on Etsy has a ton of cute, nerdy decor for all your kitchen needs.

*Full disclosure: All Amazon links are affiliate codes, meaning I get a small percentage if you purchase using those links. Profits go towards helping me run this blog!

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